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10 Great Reasons To Shop Locally In Wisconsin!

Share! 7/30/2015

Why do we encourage Wisconsinites to always try to shop locally before spending your dollars at a national chain or big box store?  Well there are some really great reasons to shop locally, and here are our favorite ten!

  1. Shop Local - Create Local Jobs
    Shopping and spending at locally owned businesses helps create and sustain local employment and self-employment.  The owners and employees of locally owned businesses also tend to shop locally - keeping our hard earned dollars in our local Wisconsin communities.

  2. Investing in your Community
    Wisconsin owned businesses statistically (proportionally speaking) are more generous when supporting their local community events, local charities and schools.  When you buy locally, you are helping your local Wisconsin businesses invest in your community.

  3. Unique Products & Services
    Are you sick of using the same brand of products, weary with lack of variety, or just an adventurous type of person? Local Wisconsin Businesses offer a giant assortment of product and service alternatives that are you won't find at a big box store.  Looking for that perfect and unique gift?  Try your local businesses!

  4. Incentive for Higher Quality
    Many local Wisconsin Business owners will go out of their way to make you 100% satisfied as a customer because every customer is an enormous win for them.  Where big box stores expect a certain rate of customer attrition, locally owned businesses have a greater incentive to make you a happy customer.

  5. Location. Location. Location.
    How long does it take you to drive and muscle your way through the giant super market; the chain stores, the big boxes?  Using gives you the opportunity to explorer great businesses that are likely closer to you - saving your time and money!

  6. Potential Savings
    Chain and big box stores have gone out of their way to build the perception that shopping locally owned businesses mean expensive.  This is often not the case especially when you factor in freight costs to get the goods to the chain store, enormous marketing expenses, and corporate overhead.  Shop your local Wisconsin businesses and you may find yourself surprised at the deals available to you.

  7. Less Carbon - More Green
    Countless Wisconsin owned businesses manufacturer their products right here in Wisconsin.  Less out of state or country freight means less carbon emissions.  Shopping locally also means less carbon emissions from your own vehicle.

  8. Keeps Related Services Near By
    Studies have shown (and you've probably noticed) that when businesses close, the related near by service businesses close up shop too -- as locally owned businesses thrive there is reason for other business owners such as salons, banks, restaurants, and entertainment to stay near by.

  9. Proximity
    Local businesses tend to cluster together in the same general areas.  Having businesses near each other means that they are more easily accessible for those (elderly and young consumers) who may not have their own vehicles and rely on public transportation or walking.

  10. Shopping Locally Saves Our Communities
    No one likes to see local shops and businesses close their doors - but it keeps happening and people don't realize that without their patronage locally owned businesses have a significantly higher rate of failure.  Supporting your locally owned Wisconsin businesses equates to supporting your community, jobs, variety and local services. 

  11. BONUS REASON! Organic / Fresh Products
    Worried about GMO, pesticides, hormones, chemicals, or whatever this week's food scare is?  When was the last time you talked to the farmer who grew your produce from your chain grocery store?  Wisconsin farms big and small produce a wealth of great foods.  Check out your local farmers marketers - you'll be surprised!

Have a shop local in Wisconsin reason we didn't mention?  Let us know on our Facebook page at

Onward Wisconsin!

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