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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Share! 11/14/2017

Are you a Wisconsin Business Owner with something interesting you'd like to say to other businesses and/or local shoppers?  We'd love to share your success stories, your "learned it the hard way" stories, or anything else related to how you serve your local Wisconsin community.  Please follow these simple rules when submitting a blog proposal:

  1. Your content should be at least a few paragraphs in length, and no more than five pages.
  2. The content must be your own original content.  Do not copy others' work.
  3. If you include images, be sure they either belong to you, or can be used.  If not your own, please provide their source URL so we can give credit.
  4. Be sure to include your business name and contact information so we can attribute the blog post to you and link back to your website.
  5. Please do not submit shameless plugs or basic 'we are having a sale' articles, instead tell us a story - what makes your business special!
  6. Be sure to proofread your work for grammar and accuracy prior to submitting it.

Send us your proposed blog article to [email protected] with the subject line of "Guest Blog Article".  Our team will review your article and if approved will post it on our site, our emailers and our social media. 

WBL reserves the right to reject any material provided for any reason with or without an explanation.    WBL will not edit or contextually change your submitted article.

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