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Share! 8/2/2016

From our friends at Chakrayama - "Yoga for everyone to enjoy" in Big Bend, WI


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In your work life, how often do you get distracted? How much of your time is wasted doing things that aren’t moving you toward your goal? For the next hour of work, try to pay attention to how often you are off task, daydreaming, social media, or anything else that isn’t what you “should” be doing. If you are like most people it is more time than you would like.

How would your bottomline look if you could double your productivity?

What if you spent 10-20 minutes of not “working” could double your productivity?

Would you commit to doing it everyday?

Meditation is not trying to stop your thoughts. You cannot make your brain not think, but you can focus it on a single thought or intention. More thoughts will pop up and try to take your focus away. Meditation is the practice of disciplining the mind, allowing yourself to observe thoughts as they pass through the consciousness with out attachment.  When you practice meditation it keeps you sharp and focused in the rest of your life. Problems are smaller and easier to handle when you mind is calm. People become less emotional about challenges and enjoy work more!

An easy way to start it to put on one of your favorite relaxing songs(instrumentals are best, lyrics can be distracting) and choose an intention or thought for the song.

“I am focused” or “I am calm” or “I am relaxed”

On the inhales, think “I am”; on the exhales think “focused/calm/relaxed” or any other intention. You can even say them out loud if it helps keep focus. Do it for the entire song.

If you struggle with that, or not sure what kind of song to listen to, check out theChakrayama guided meditation.

OR you can come to the Studio in Big Bend, WI and try a relaxing yoga class with a meditation at the end.

OR you can contact me to have me come to your workplace and teach a meditation workshop. Serving Metro Milwaukee, Mukwonago, Muskego, New Berlin, and much of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Think less, do more.

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