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Post-Retirement Career Opportunities

Share! 4/19/2017
In life, it is never too late to make changes — even when it comes to your career. If you are a senior who is interested in coming out of retirement or are just itching for a career change, there are plenty of options available to you! You may want to stay in an industry familiar to you or venture out into a new endeavor — the choice is yours. Here are a few options and tips worth considering no matter what you decide. 

Choose a job with flexibility

One of the benefits of choosing to go back to work means you can be more flexible with your hours. Don’t chose a career with round-the-clock hours, as you may stretch yourself too thin. Choose a job that will allow you to set your own hours, be it part-time or full-time.

For example, the ride-sharing company Lyft provides taxi-like services for people who need transportation to get around town while allowing you to set your own hours. To become a Lyft driver, you have to ensure that your car is up to the company’s standards. You will also need a smart phone device in order to be alerted of when and where to pick up a commuter.

Other jobs that offer flexibility are direct sales positions, like Mary Kay consultants. As a beauty consultant, you will travel to women’s homes and offices and make them aware of the merchandise you have for sale. Should they purchase what you are offering, you will make a percentage of the sale. Direct sales is a great way to maintain one-on-one relationships while being able to set the schedule of your choice.

Hone in on skills or passions you didn't use in your previous job

A lot of times, people get caught up in working for a paycheck and never receive the opportunity to pursue the career of their dreams. Now that you are out of the rat race, you have the luxury of chasing a career that won’t really feel like work! If there are certain passions or skill sets that you did not get to utilize early on in life, now is your time to do what you love.

Maybe you’ve always enjoyed being handy around the house, and have always been the first person your family and friends call for help with home improvement projects. Now is an excellent opportunity to put those skills to use as an independent contractor. Getting paid for it will just be an added perk!

If you love dogs, you can make a career as a dog walker for your neighbors’ furry friends. Let them know that for a fee, you will take their dogs out twice a day for their routine exercise. This may prove to be very valuable in your community, as many families have to work long hours and do not have time to tend to their animals as often as they would like.

You could also offer personal assistance to those in your community by assisting them with running errands and managing light housework. If you want to go a step further, you can take on the role of a caregiver with little-to-no experience through a company such as Home Instead, where your role would be to keep seniors safe and sound in their own homes. You would be assisting seniors by taking them to doctor’s appointments, preparing meals and performing chores, but most importantly, you will be offering companionship!

Making the decision to get back in the workforce at a later period in your life can prove to be a fun and rewarding experience. At this point in your life, the reigns are in your control, and you now have the freedom to choose when, where and how long you will work. Take advantage of this time by choosing a career you love, and you will never have a dull moment!


Author: Jason Lewis - (Guest Contributor)

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